March Reading Wrap-Up

Reading Wrap Up (1).jpg

Ah March, what a month. So I was sick twice this month, once with just a cold and the second time with tonsillitis and both events really cut into my reading. Also Grant and I have gotten into playing video games together in the evenings and that’s also cut into my reading time. Thus it happened that I only read 17 books this month. 😛 I’m going to try and do better next month.

1 Star: I’m disappointed that my only 1 star books this month were both NetGalley ARCs, but I couldn’t help it. I didn’t like Field of Mars at all, and the copy of Genius that I got was completely unreadable and also boring.

2 Stars: These were books I didn’t hate, but either didn’t find interesting or guessed the majority of the plot. Falconer was one where I could just guess everything before it happened, and Artemis was just boring.

3 Stars: I am honestly shocked that I only had two 3 star books this month. This never happens! 3 stars are usually the largest category in this post. I’ll be reviewing Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and Plant-Powered Beauty next month.

4 Stars: Apparently this wasn’t as bad of a reading month as I thought it was.  I learned a lot from Odin and A Generation of Sociopaths, and really enjoyed The Secret History of Wonder Woman. The second Magnus Chase book was really fun, and I laughed my way through Big Mushy Happy Lump. The Sleepeasy Solution was good too because it was a shorter book than all the help books I’ve read recently. And Autoboyagraphy was the cutest, sweetest read ever.

5 Stars: This cookbook was really really great, and I’d really like to own it eventually.


What did you read this month? If you’ve done a wrap-up post of sorts I’d love to read it, be sure to leave a link in the comments! 


  1. Ahh I’m so glad you liked Autoboyography!! That one hit me so hard and I loved it. 😭❤️❤️And pity about those 1-star books because the covers are pretty awesome, right?! Bleh. Covers that lie are so painful. 😂

    That really sucks about being so sick. I admire people who read a ton when they’re ill but when I’m sick I just…nope. I can’t do anything except quietly die.😂Anyway, hope April treats you better health-wise!!

  2. I feel you, NetGalley picks can be a huge hit or miss… Also it’s too bad you didn’t like Artemis. I’ve heard good things about it, and I did enjoy The Martian a lot. Hope you read more 5 star books in April!

    • Yeah it’s true. I love NetGalley, but I never can tell what kind of a book I’ll get.
      Yeah I’m disappointed too, I’d really like to read The Martian though!
      Thank you, I hope you read lots of wonderful books too. 🙂

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