Top Ten Tuesday – All The Overused Words in YA/NA

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic was originally about words used in titles, but I decided to take this opportunity to talk about overused words in general. Be that in the books or the actual titles. Also before I started I wanted to take the chance to thank all of my followers, today I hit 508 followers. Thank you all! I wish I had keeping a better eye on the total, but oh well. Maybe for my next milestone I’ll be able to do a giveaway.

1) Purr.

This is probably the most overused word I’ve found to date in YA books. Although I’ve found it in many places, the biggest offender of overusing this is Sarah J Maas.  At one point I counted 10 uses of the word in one book and it mildly drove me insane. It’s not that I dislike the word necessarily, it’s just that I felt the word was used incorrectly.

2) Fire.

Elemental words seemed to be a tad overused in titles, in my opinion. Fire being a big one, as seen by these three books and even the book I used in the previous example. I mean I like fire as much as anyone, and personally titles don’t really bug me that much. But I do notice when there’s an over-usage and roll my eyes a bit.

3) Eve. 

This is something I just thought about recently after reading Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Own King.  There are a few characters out there whose name is Eve or Evie or something of the like, and inevitably their story has to do with some sort of creation. Whether literally a new world creation, or just a new self creation. Still you’d think there would be a less obvious name for these characters. Definitely an overused trope.

4) Red. 

A quick look through my TBR and read list on Goodreads showed that red is another overused title word. Part of me gets it, red suggests blood and death and fighting and there are only so many words you can use in a title and you want to make it pop.

5) Strange Names.

Another thing I think is overused sometimes in YA is the naming of characters that are just plain bizarre. Like Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door. Who names their child Cricket? I get that some names are overused like Dan or Kate, but you have to draw the line somewhere and not overuse ridiculous names. And I don’t care if the book is set in whatever made-up world you’ve written, America Singer should be the last thing you name a character.

6) Rose/Roses.

This one came to me because I’ve been in the middle of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. And it’s interesting to note that these titles with the word rose also have something violent contrasting them, which is probably the whole point. A rose is delicate and beautiful and the words fire or dagger suggest that something bad will happen to the delicate rose. Yay for obvious symbolism. 😛

7) Groaning and Moaning. 

Maybe it’s just something about how the word moan looks to me. It’s like moist you know, just sort of a weird word. But I personally feel that moaning is overused in kissing scenes. Groaning and moaning have their place in sex scenes, and I don’t mind them there but kissing scenes? I just feel like these two words should be used sparingly so that they mean more.

8) Royalty. 

There seems to be a trend right now centering around royalty in book titles. Kings, Queens, they’re all there. Maybe it’s because I’m a little tired of rich characters in YA, but I just feel like royalty words are overused.

9) Star.

Now I like stars as much as the next person, but there does seem to be a rise in star titles of late. Again I feel like this is overused because of obvious symbolism. Yes we get it, your book is set in space.

10) Storm. 

Also storms? I get it denotes trouble brewing and power, but there have definitely been more books recently with the word storm in the title.

What words do you find are overused? Don’t forget to leave a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post, I always love reading what other people have done with the topics. 

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