The Pioneer Woman Cookbook – Ree Drummond

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Goodreads Synopsis: For home cooks, nothing beats spending a long, relaxing day preparing dinner for your family, savoring every flavorful step. But few of us really have the time to do that anymore, with school, sports, work, and appointments keeping us running and pulling us left and right. What busy home cooks REALLY need are FAST, EASY, and DOABLE solutions to solve the challenge of feeding their families quick, easy, wholesome food that tastes great day after day, week after week—without falling into a rut and relying on the same handful of meals.
Ree Drummond transforms taking it easy in the kitchen into an art, giving readers her very best make-it-happen strategies, pulled from her own non-stop life as a devoted wife, mother of four, food lover, and businesswoman. Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes for a Crazy Busy Life includes more than 125 of Ree’s best food solutions for making filling, nutritious meals with minimal fuss, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
With a mix of flavors and dishes that will please everyone, Ree makes it easy to whip up delicious, simple, down-home recipes that go from stove to table in no time!

I was pretty interested to read this cookbook, since it won last years Goodreads Choice Awards, and previously I’d read some pretty cool cookbooks that were nominated for the award.

It was pretty surprising to me then that I found this cookbook to be pretty much useless to me. Out of 400 pages I found a single recipe that I would consider making in the future. None of the other recipes looked any good, or were something new that looked interesting. I was very disappointed.

The emphasis of this cookbook was on fast, which was what I was interested in. But it also came at the expense of cooking less things from scratch, which I prefer. So there was that part of the cookbook that didn’t work for me.   And the other part, which I mentioned earlier is so many of the recipes didn’t even look good! I would eat the food if I was at someone’s house and it was offered, but I would never cook them for myself at home.

Overall I was severely disappointed. I don’t understand why this book of all of the cookbooks won the Goodreads Choice Awards. There was nothing new in this cookbook. I personally feel that Samin Nosrat’s cookbook Sat Fat Acid Heat should have won the award.

I gave this book 2 stars on Goodreads.

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