A Generation of Sociopaths – By Bruce Cannon Gibney

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Goodreads Synopsis: In A Generation of Sociopaths, Gibney examines the disastrous policies of the most powerful generation in modern history, showing how the Boomers ruthlessly enriched themselves at the expense of future generations.

Acting without empathy, prudence, or respect for facts–acting, in other words, as sociopaths–the Boomers turned American dynamism into stagnation, inequality, and bipartisan fiasco. The Boomers have set a time bomb for the 2030s, when damage to Social Security, public finances, and the environment will become catastrophic and possibly irreversible–and when, not coincidentally, Boomers will be dying off.

Gibney argues that younger generations have a fleeting window to hold the Boomers accountable and begin restoring America.

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Several people recommended this book to me and I am so glad that I read it. A Generation of Sociopaths is an eye-opening read. I learned so much throughout the 464 pages that at times I felt like I was going to need to create a timeline and flow chart. Which is a good thing don’t get me wrong. 🙂

Reading about how the Boomers were raised, and how they lived has certainly given a lot of context to problems that I see in the world, but didn’t know where they came from. That was very interesting and frustrating to learn about.  Gibney has a lot of convincing arguments to his case, and I would like to buy this book eventually so that I can read it again.

It wasn’t all interesting. There were a couple of chapters close to the middle that were about taxes and it was so confusing. I had to skim some parts of it because it was just so dense and I didn’t understand a word that was being said. I think the language was just a little to technical.

But overall I really liked the book. I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads and I definitely think you all should read it.

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