Shark – A Poem For Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers day to all! I hope your day is as beautiful, fun and sunny as mine promises to be. Today I have a poem out in Cease, Cows‘ Mother’s Day Issue. The poem is about wanting to have children, but not being able to. Grant and I don’t really talk about this much, but we did try to have a baby about a year or so ago. But I guess it just wasn’t time and I ended up writing this poem after another month passed by with no pregnancy.

Now looking back I’m really grateful that I didn’t get pregnant, I was not in a healthy mental place and I’ve gone through so much healing since then. I’ve become more confident and have been able to manage my anxiety so much better.

I know it’s still not quite the right time to have a baby, but that doesn’t stop it from hurting when I see three pregnancy announcements each month. This poem is for anyone who struggles with the same issues as I do. For those who wish they could conceive, for those who can’t. Someday the time will be right for us all.

You can find my poem on page 11, it’s titled Shark.

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