May Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (3).jpg

In a stunning turn of events the month of May has almost ended and it’s time for me to do yet another wrap up post. This month I’ve been incredibly behind in my reading goals, and I still have yet to catch up. I’m 9 books behind, and I only read a total of 16 books. At this point I’ve just decided not to be stressed about it. If I reach 250 books by the end of the year then that’s great, if I don’t it’s not the end of the world. I’m still having fun reading the books I get to. Though I admit, I really miss having the time to read like crazy.

1 Star: 

I was pretty disappointed in Red as Blue, it seemed like it would be just the book for me, but sadly I couldn’t get into the writing style. And as for The Queen of Hearts, I knew it was about a 50% chance that I wouldn’t like the book, but I was still sad to be right.

2 Stars:

I was really surprised that I didn’t like The Ship of the Dead. I’m a pretty big fan of Rick Riordan and Norse myths, so it was hard for me to find this book so boring. And I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ash Princess, in the end I found it to be so boring and predictable.

3 Stars:

Several of these books I had really hoped would be better than three stars, The Bells, Leah on the Offbeat and A Dance with Dragons in particular. I’ll be doing reviews for all of these in the upcoming month, if your curious as to why they weren’t my favorite.

4 Stars: 

I did have a few four star books this month, which is the upside of how little I read. I was not expecting to love The Night Child as much as I did, but it was really good. And Shatter was great as well.

5 Stars: 

I reread this book for the third time in May, and it was so fantastic to read again. I love Cath, I love the story and I love Levi. It’s just such a feel-good book and sometimes you just need to read something like that. It’s good for the soul. 😉


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