13 Books You Should Read During Pride Month

We are now three days into Pride Month so in honor of that I thought I would write a post recommending my favorite LGBTQA+ books. And if please share your favorites with me!

1. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour.

I loved the writing style and pacing for this book, and right now for the life of me I can’t remember if the main character is a lesbian or bi. Either way, it’s a good read and you should pick up this book.


2. Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg.

This is the only non-fiction book I have on my list, and it’s honestly a really hard read. Trigger warning for police brutality and mental health issues. I loved this book though because it taught me a lot about how hard being LGBTQA+ has been for people in the past, and made me really grateful with how far we’ve come. It’s a powerful read.


3. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee.

This is probably one of my favorite YA books ever, it’s so freaking cute and fun! And the bisexuality is written into the story so well. I just love love love this book.


4. Mechanica & Venturess by Betsy Conrwell.

These two books feature both a bisexual main character and a triad polyam relationship. It’s a really cute relationship and well written.

5. Star Crossed by Barbara Dee.

This book had to be on my list mostly because it’s written for middle schoolers, and I have yet to read any other LGBTQA+ books for this age group. While it wasn’t one of my favorite books, it was still fun to read.


6. Next Year For Sure by Zoey Leigh Peterson.

This book doesn’t have queer characters, but it does feature a non-monogamous relationship. It’s a bittersweet story, but it’s told really well and I loved the characters.


7. Autoboyography by Christina Lauren.

This was a book I wasn’t sure if I would like, considering one of the guys is religious but it ended up being a really great read.


8. Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova.

More bi characters! Ugh I really love this book, the world and the magic are really cool and I loved the main character and her love interest.


9. 3 by Hannah Moskowitz.

Although none of the characters are queer, they are in a polyam relationship in high school and I think this representation is really important. The story is really cute and you should read it. 😀


10. Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall.

This is such a cute read! It’s short but the main character is gay and has a really adorable personality.


11. A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith.

This book is fairly dark, but still really good. The writing was great and so was the main character whose both Asian and bisexual.


12. Far From You by Tess Sharpe.

A mystery with a bisexual lead who is recovering from a drug addiction, this book is not a fluffy read, but still so good. I really liked the characters and the ending.


13. Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. 

I’m sure you all have at least heard of this book. Simon, the main character, is gay and dealing with life in the closet and being blackmailed by a fellow student. The book is cute, well written and just a lot of fun to read.


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