June Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up.jpg

I definitely did better on my reading this month! A total of 25 books and an interesting amount of 1 star and 4 star books. I’m still behind in my reading goal for the year, but only by 5 books, which feels much more manageable than 9! Anyway, I finally feel like I’m getting back on track and that’s fantastic.

1 Star: A couple of these books are NetGalley reads, so it was pretty disappointing to quit them and give them such a low rating. The Rising was a book I had on my kindle for years and decided to give it a try, even though I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be a book I’d like. The Suffering Tree was the one I was most disappointed with.


2 Stars: This month I was able to read a few kid’s books, which was really fun. As you may or may not know I’m trying to put together a collection of books that will eventually be going in my library for my future children. I’m that book crazy y’all. Anyway, The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors and After the Fall will not be going into my library.  The Keeper of Lost Things ended up being cliche and just jumped around too much for my liking. Our Dark Stars was a NetGalley read, it ended up being super predictable. And The Ministry of Utmost Happiness just wasn’t the book for me.


3 Stars: This is usually my largest category, but apparently not so this month! I’m actually really happy with this. Anyway, all three of these kid’s books were pretty great. Spunky Little Monkey was okay but will not be going into my library. The other two were really artsy and pretty and I really liked that so they will be going into my library eventually.  What Love Is was a little boring and a bit disappointing, but it did have some interesting parts, hence the three stars. 


4 Stars: So many 4 star books! I had sort of forgotten how many books I’d read that I’d actually liked, so it’s fantastic to see them all together. A couple of these books were complete surprises, I was not expecting to like The Almost Sisters and Deadly Sweet as much as I did. Tess of the Road and Sadia were NetGalley reads and I can’t wait to review them later. And I was really excited to find some kid’s books that I absolutely loved.


What did you read this month? If you’ve written a wrap-up post I’d love to read it! Leave a link in the comments. 🙂 


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