The Perfect World Tag


I was tagged a couple days ago by fellow blogger and friend Elizabeth from Musings from Neville’s Navel. Thanks so much for tagging me! This is a cute little daydreamy, imagination tag so I thought it would be fun to do today.

1. I’d sleep…

Without waking up to go pee at least twice a night. And a nice 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep without waking up to a sore neck or back or arms. I feel like this is too much to ask for lol.

2. I’d never…

I’m taking a leaf out of Elizabeth’s book. I’d never be mentally ill. Bye bye anxiety, depression! I won’t miss you.

3. I’d wear…

More clothes I’d made myself (someone want to give me a sewing machine? Jk). I’d also become self-confident and get more clothes that I enjoy wearing/that I think I look attractive in.

4. My hair…

I’m not sure what I would change or hope for my hair in the future. I love my hair right now. It’s blue again and short for the summer!


5. My kids…

Would be healthy and happy, with whimsical and wild personalities. Hopefully I’ll end up having two boys and two girls. 😀

6. My house…

Would be large and sprawling. With lots of trees, and an overgrown but still cute flower garden in the front yard, the practical food garden would be in the backyard. I’d have at least four black cats. I fully plan on being the town witch. 😀

7. My car…

I can’t drive yet, and I don’t generally care or think much about cars. But my one weakness is old volkswagen buses. Because I’m a total hippy at heart.

8. I’d live…

Just outside of city limits so I can have a few chickens and maybe a goat, but definitely still within thirty minutes of a decent sized city. I don’t like living in the middle of nowhere!

9. I’d eat…

Only food that I’ve grown and preserved myself. Help me, I’m turning into a wanttobe farmer! 😉

10. My significant other(s)…

I’m not sure what really to put here. I’m very happy currently with my husband and our girlfriend. I guess the only thing I would say is that maybe, hopefully, someday she’d become our wife. 🙂

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