Weekend Cooking – 5 Of My Favorite Cookbooks

Weekend Cooking is a new meme I”m trying out. This meme is hosted by Beth Fish Reads. So today I’m going to talk about my top five favorite cookbooks, and why you should consider reading them.

1. Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat.

I read this book last year and it completely changed by view of cooking. I’ve been cooking for a long time, I started probably when I was between 8-10 years old. And I’ve always loved it, so while I have a lot of experience with food, I don’t know a lot of the theory behind it.  If this is also you then this cookbook will be perfect! Not only does it have theory, but there are some great recipes in here. I’d love to own it someday.


2. Salad for Dinner by Tasha De Serio.

This is something I read rather recently, and it was a really great read. Without A.C cooking in the summer can be excruciating, and so I’ve been trying to come up with more salad ideas for dinner. This book has a ton of awesome sounding recipes, and although I haven’t tried them out yet I do recommend it. It also starts off with a quick summary of what you need and how to prepare the best salads.

13137960 (1).jpg

3. The Pesto Cookbook by Olwen Woodier.

I had the great fortune to get an ARC of this book and it taught me so much! Who knew there was so much to pesto and other herb combinations? I certainly didn’t. Not only did it teach me the theory of pesto, but it also has some mouthwatering recipes.


4. Atelier Creen: Metamorphosis of Taste by Dominique Crenn.

Definitely the least practical of the cookbooks on this list, but it still was helpful for me. This book was all about exploration and got me thinking about what unique ways I can cook food in my home. As well as doing a bit of teaching on food presentation.


5. Today’s Creative Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Cookbook by Robin Taylor Swatt.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this one, but I can send you to the Goodreads page. This is the cookbook I use the most from this list, I love my crock-pot. I use it at least once a week, so when I’m looking to mix things up and try a new recipe I pull out this book.


  1. Salad For Dinner looks very interesting. I’m a huge fan of salad but rarely ever eat them for dinner, especially since my boyfriend doesn’t really like salad and we all think that food that is considered dinner should have something warm and filling.

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