Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Non-Fiction Books I’d Love To Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. And today’s topic is a back to school freebie. So I tried to think of something school related to write about, but couldn’t come up with any fun ideas, in the end I decided I would just do a post about some non-fiction books that I’m excited about.  Hope you enjoy!

1. The Personality Brokers by Merve Emre.

I love the Myers-Briggs personality test, so this book seems like it would be fascinating, and that I would learn a lot reading it.


2. Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi. 

This book looks absolutely fascinating, and also very helpful for me who wants to have children someday.


3. Pandora’s Lab by Paul A. Offit.

Science was never one of my favorite subjects in school but I do find it really interesting to read about in books like this. I always learn a lot too!


4. Jane Austen at Home by Lucy Worsley.

I am a huge fan of Jane Austen, but have yet to find a good biography of her. Hopefully this will be it!


5. Victoria: The Queen by Julia Baird.

I always love to learn more about women were (and are) political leaders. And Queen Victoria sure seems like an interesting woman to read about.


6. Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warefare by Giles Milton.

Churchill was an awful man, and I think it would be really interesting to read more about what he did during the war.


7. Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans De Waal.

Animals are fascinating creatures, and I would love to learn more about them while reading this book.


8. Into The Magic Shop by James R. Doty. 

The brain is as mysterious as it is interesting, and I’m hoping that this book will explain some of it to me.


9. White Trash by Nancy Isenberg.

I grew up and around a lot of white trash, so I think this would be a good book for me to read. Plus with all that’s happening in the world right now it feels like it would be a very helpful and relevant read.


10. Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. 

Reading books about sex is always fun, and this book is supposed to be helpful for one’s sex life as well as informative. I’m interested to see if it lives up. 😀


That’s all for today! Don’t forget to share a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post, I’d love to read it!


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