Promoting Creativity – Nadia Gerassimenko

Party in honor of Blaine Cornelius

This month have the great fortune to have interviewed the founding editor of Moonchild Magazine, Nadia Gerassimenko! I hope you all enjoy reading about her, and I hope you all follow up and support her on twitter and the likes. Thank you for reading.

1) Tell us a little bit about what you do.
I’m the founding editor of Moonchild Magazine. I’m, what I call, a one-moon show for it, doing anything from designing the layout of each issue to proofreading submissions I’ve accepted to publishing Moonchaps aka online dreamy, experiential chapbooks to promoting my contributors’ work in and out of Moonchild Magazine to doing everything in my power to keep the lit community safe and inclusive. I also do freelance editorial work on the side and I write, poetry mostly.
2) When and why did you start writing?
I was fourteen when I started truly writing. I felt like I had too many intense emotions in me I had to exorcise them somehow. Even euphoric feelings were too much for someone who’s very sensitive to the nuances of my emotions and emotions of others. I turned to writing and it stuck as a regular cathartic ritual for me for ages. These days I don’t write as regularly and as passionately as I used to, I guess because I’m more focused on editing and healing from chronic illness which can be painful and exhausting, but I write more deliberately and thoughtfully when I do.
3) Tell us about a project that you are currently working on that has you really excited.
I’ve been working on my second chapbook at the water’s edge for three years now. I’ve been abandoning it then coming back to it, and I can finally say I only have a few more poems to go before it’s finished. It wasn’t an easy book to write because a lot of the poems there are about healing from traumatic experiences and memories, struggling with forgiveness and letting it all go, and eventually finding light and strength from whatever had transpired. I only hope that whoever feels drawn to reading it can relate and find hope in their own struggling.
4) What are some of your goals for the future?
A much easier, less personal but still passionate project I’m working on is shedding light on endangered animals through poetry. I don’t have many poems about endangered animals yet, but once I’m done with at the water’s edge, I’ll work in it more consistently. I think I would like for it to be a chapbook with visuals and the writing will range from poems about real endangered animals and mythological creatures who felt endangered themselves or whose stories have been neglected or forgotten. I’d love to have someone collaborate with me on this, whether a co-writing poet and/or a visual artist.
5) How can we support you?
Please follow me on Twitter at @tepidautumn and visit my site to see what latest poems and visual art I have published and don’t forget to submit to Moonchild Magazine! Also consider me for your next editorial needs, especially because not only will you be supporting an indie author and editor, but your money will go towards me being able to pay for my healthcare expenses and supporting my online publication. I charge fairly (and can negotiate), offer free sample edits, and work on a continuous basis with my clients until they’re fully happy with their work.

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