Given To The Earth – By Mindy McGinnis

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Goodreads Synopsis: Although she was born to save the kingdom by sacrificing herself to the rising sea, Khosa’s marriage to King Vincent has redeemed her. As the Queen of Stille, she’s untouchable. But being Queen hasn’t stopped her heart from longing for the King’s stepbrother, Donil. And it hasn’t stopped her body from longing for the sea itself, which still calls for her.

While Khosa is made to choose between loyalty and love, Dara is on a mission for vengeance. Years ago, the Pietra slaughtered the entire Indiri race, leaving only Dara and her twin, Donil, alive. Now, spurned by King Vincent, Dara has embarked on a mission to spill the blood of Pietra’s leader, Witt, and will stop at nothing to show his people the wrath of the last Indiri.

As the waves crash ever closer to Stille, secrets are revealed, hearts are won and lost, and allegiances change like the shifting sand.

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After reading Given To The Sea I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this sequel and final book in the duology.  I loved the world of the first Given, but found some of the plot lacked the pacing and development that would keep me guessing.  So when I started Given To The Earth I went into it fearing the worst.  But this book blew me away.

Given To The Earth picks up right where the last book left off, Khosa is married to Vincent, Darra has gone off in search of more Indiri, Donil is stuck between duty and love, and Witt is struggling to lead his people like a true Lithos should.

From page 1 I was drawn back into the story, even though it had been a year or so since I read the first book. It wasn’t hard to remember the events of the last book since the characters are still ruminating on them. I found myself immersed back into the world that I had loved so much in the first book.  Everything that I didn’t like from the first book was better in this one.

In the first book I felt like the stakes had not been high enough because no one died, it felt like there were no consequences for the characters actions. This second Given book was entirely about consequences, and it was amazing.  I loved watching the story unfold, and grew to love each one of the characters in a way I hadn’t before. And now looking back at the first book I can see that the story went just where it had to, the whole story tied together so nicely.

I don’t want to give too much away because I’d really like for everyone to read both these books. Given is not your typical fantasy, it has a unique world. Indiri are connected to the earth, born with all the memories of their entire race. Pietra are a bloodthirsty race who choose their leaders based on who sacrifices the most family. The Given is born with only one purpose, to give birth to another Given and then sacrifice herself by drowning. It’s a beautiful brutal world, with an ending that will rip your heart out.

I can’t recommend this book enough, I gave it 4.5 stars, or 4 stars on Goodreads.


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