The Torah – A Review


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It was amusing to me to put “a review” in the title of this post, because honestly how does one review something like the Torah?

The Torah is a collection of the first five Jewish holy books, supposedly written by Moses. For me, as an ex-Catholic, it was interesting to see the differences and similarities between the Torah and the Catholic Bible.  Reading it now, as a Witch, it was astonishing to me that I could ever have taken it seriously. Religious people make fun of Greek myths, or Norse myths for having crazy stories about gods doing all of these wild things. But fail to see how ridiculous their own books sound.

It’s all mythology in my view, and so I found it mostly just amusing to read. Although also super boring at times. All of the chapters of rules in Leviticus and Numbers were a little overkill, and I did end up skimming parts.

I can’t recommend this book to anyone because it’s not my place to. If you find meaning in it, good for you. If you want to read some wacky mythology, maybe you’ll read this. I gave it three stars on Goodreads because there are other mythology books that are far more interesting.

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