Blue Window – By Adina Rishe Gewirtz

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Goodreads Synopsis: When siblings Susan, Max, Nell, Kate, and Jean tumble one by one through a glowing cobalt window, they find themselves outside their cozy home — and in a completely unfamiliar world where everything looks wrong and nothing makes sense. Soon, an ancient prophecy leads them into battle with mysterious forces that threaten to break the siblings apart even as they try desperately to remain united and find their way home. Thirteen-year-old twins Max and Susan and their younger siblings take turns narrating the events of their story in unique perspectives as each of the children tries to comprehend their stunning predicament — and their extraordinary new powers — in his or her own way. 

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Much in the vein of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time, Blue Window is a story about magical adventures and family. I’m always a fan of middle grade books that deal with both of these themes, there’s something very sweet and nostalgic about them.  So I was pretty sure I would enjoy Blue Window.  And I did for the most part. I really liked the siblings, Nora was my favorite because I felt the most sympathy for her character.

The story follows all of the children’s POV at some point in the book, which wasn’t my favorite writing style. I felt like the story would have been more concise if it had stuck to just one or two of the children. But the story is still interesting. We follow the children through a portal into a land that seems alright at first but only gets more dangerous and strange.  There were times when I had a hard time picturing the world, but it was still interesting to read about.

The ending is cute, and I liked it a good amount. Part of me felt like the ”last battle” was a bit over-dramatic and lasted a little longer. Once the kids back to their home I liked that the kids were both happy to be there, but also missed parts of their adventures and the friends they made there.

In the end I gave the book 3 stars, I had hoped to enjoy it a little more than I did but it was still a good story. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in return for a fair review.


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