Patreon Post – Maybe (Not) Her Cover Reveal

This was originally posted on my Patreon, I post all my writing and sneak peaks on that website first. If you’d like to get access to these posts please consider supporting me. Thanks! Also a note, when I published this post I had not heard back from the publisher for Miss Poppins, and now I have. You can read that post here.

I’ve been working on this cover off and on for the last month, but I’ve finally got it to a point that I’m happy with. I am so excited to reveal it to you now! I’m very excited about putting out this collection next month, the tentative date of publication is October 30th.

Here is the synopsis for this collection.

Maybe (Not) Her is a collection of poetry written over the last four years. The manuscript stands at 123 pages, and follows the themes of queer love, bisexuality, polyamourous relationships and all of the adventures that follow coming out.

Maybe (Not) Her.jpg



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