Weekend Cooking: Netflix’s Original – Chef’s Table


Weekend Cooking is a weekly blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. And today I’m reviewing Netflix’s original documentary series, Chef’s Table. This is a series that I’ve just gotten back into. Last year I watched a lot of it, but at some point got distracted and it wasn’t until just a week or so ago that I got back into it.

This show has a lot going for it, and if you’re interested in food at all I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least a few episodes. The filming is really well done, which I greatly appreciate. I was also noticing with the latest season that the music is really well done. I’m not 100% sure, as I haven’t looked it up, but it seems to me that each episode as an original score that goes with it.

I really enjoy seeing the chefs from around the world. Most recently I enjoyed the episode that featured Bo Songvisava, a Taiwanese cook. Not only were her food ideas simply mouthwatering, but I also appreciated how environmentally friendly and aware she is. I learned a lot from the episode.

It’s interesting to me to see the differences between the female and male chefs. I have a hard time watching some of the episodes featuring male chefs, as they tend to be the most annoying arrogant jerks.  Whereas I always feel inspired by the female chefs.  In the most recent season of this show they featured a Hispanic immigrant chef, and I was just awed by all of the work she is doing not only with food but also being a voice for illegal immigrants.

Overall I enjoy this show. I learn a lot about food and I’m inspired in my own home cooking.


  1. I am not familiar with the “Chef’s Table” but my boys and I have been watching the “Halloween Baking Championship.” We like seeing the interesting desserts that they come up with. I usually watch the Christmas one too.

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