In Intimate Detail – By Cora Harrington


Goodreads Synopsis: While many love the idea of wearing special underthings, lingerie can be intimidating. How is it supposed to fit? How do you take care of it all? Is lingerie really for me? In this beautiful and empowering guide, lingerie expert Cora Harrington demystifies intimate apparel, making it accessible to all sizes, ages, and budgets. Covering everything from basic bras and panties to special occasion wear, shapewear, hosiery, corsets, and more, this no-nonsense handbook empowers you to confidently buy, wear, and care for the underpinnings of your dreams. 

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I requested this book on a whim from NetGalley, and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from it, as it’s the first of it’s kind that I’ve read.

One of the things I liked about this book was all of the history of underclothing that I learned. From the bra to underwear to slips and lingerie. All of the history was fascinating to see how fashion has changed over the years.

I also really liked how simply she put the information. I learned a lot about how to shop for bras and underwear, it gave me a better understanding of sizes which is something that’s always confused me. Reading the book made me want to shop for underclothing, which is a feeling I’d never had before in my life.

Overall I think that the book could have been formated better. I found the images conected with bras and underwear confusing. Maybe this is just because of the way the kindle ARC was? I hope that the book is easier to read. The writing style also wasn’t my favorite, the author has a sort of ”cutesy” voice that was annoying as all get out.

In the end I gave the book 3 stars.

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