The Swing of Things – By Linda Keir


Goodreads Synopsis: Attorney Jayne Larsen loves her stay-at-home husband. Eric is attentive and a great father to their daughter. He’s also unfailingly committed to their Wednesday date nights—but things have gotten too predictable.

Enter Theo and Mia Winters, the effortlessly cool, attractive couple who are the center of everyone’s attention. They are blissfully happy and ready to share their secret for keeping things spicy. But there are rules. And breaking them has consequences. As Jayne and Eric explore a more modern definition of marriage, they are forced to confront whether they’ve given up too much in the pursuit of trying to have it all.

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I decided to read this book because I saw an add for it on Goodreads, and as someone in an open relationship I wanted to see what the representation was like.  I went into this book expectation of the focus to be mostly on swinging and the sensationalism of it, but I had hopes that the story would still be good.

I will say this for The Swing of Things the writing is really good. Upon starting the story I found myself interested and engaged with the characters, I immediately liked Jayne and wanted her character to be happy. So most of the writing style was really great and I enjoyed it.  I wasn’t as big of a fan of the switched POVs, but then that’s a common complaint for me that at this point I just try to get over it.

As far as the other characters went I found myself continually mixing up the male characters.  They all acted and said similar things and I didn’t care for any of them. Which might have been part of the reason why I couldn’t keep them straight.

In the end the book was just ridiculous. At first the sex scenes and wife swapping wasn’t bad, it was actually kind of fun to read. But then things got dramatic and then at one point there’s cocaine involved and someone dies. It was all just laughable. It wasn’t realistic, which I hadn’t expected it to be but the story was even more ridiculous than I had prepared myself for. I think I would have given the book more stars if it had just stuck to being erotica, but at the end it focuses more on the drama than just being a fun story.

I gave this book 2 stars on Goodreads.

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