2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge – On Reaching 250 Books

This year I made the goal to read a total of 250 books, and I made it to this goal sometime last week. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would make it, I had a lot going on this summer between my garden and my partners.  There was at least two months were I was so far behind I didn’t think I was going to make my goal. And yet, here I am now.


This is actually my second year reading 250 books, and I think for next year I’m going to go for a slightly smaller goal. I don’t like stressing about my reading.  But anyway, here are a few tips for you all if you’re thinking about challenging yourself to read more books in 2019.

1. Read before bed. 

I’m sure a lot of you already do this, but I’ve found a good way to get in my reading for the day is to have my book handy after I’ve finished getting ready for bed. Even just 10 minutes before I sleep is helpful, and also I’ve found that it helps me relax.

2. Carry a book with you at all times.

You really never know when you’ll have a chance to read a few pages while waiting for someone to meet you for coffee. I try to carry a book with me all the time, but it’s funny the few times I don’t are always the times I wish I had.

3. Mix up genres.

I’ve fond that sometimes if I stick to reading in just one genre my overall reading goes down. After three high fantasy novels I find myself slogging through the fourth. So I try to mix things up as much as I can. A mystery book here, a gardening book there, and then a cute YA.  This way I always remember why I love reading, because there’s so much out there and all I have to do is read it.

That’s all from me! How are you all doing on your reading challenges this year? 


8 thoughts on “2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge – On Reaching 250 Books”

  1. Congrats!!! 250 is incredible! I follow all your suggestions. My Goodreads Challenge was to read 60 books and I am now close to 100. I think discovering audiobooks to listen to during my commute to and from work and while I am doing housework as really increased my reading numbers.

    1. Thanks!
      Audiobooks are very helpful, though I tend to be a little picky about narrators so I’ve just recently gotten into listening to them. That’s awesome that you’re so ahead of your goal! Congrats. 😀

      1. I too am picky about narrations. I almost gave up on audiobooks after a few bad narrations, but then I listened to Dan Stevens narrate a couple of Agatha Christie books, and I was hooked. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I don’t think I’ll ever reach that high number for me personally, but I totally have reached beyond my expectations for the amount of books I’ve read this year. Hopefully the same will happen next year ❤

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