Lunav – By Jenn Polish

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Goodreads Synopsis: They don’t have dragons where half-faerie Sadie was born – not living ones, anyway – but in the Grove, everyone knows that dragon eggs grow on trees like leaves and need Dreams to hatch. Without faerie Dreams, the dragons won’t survive. And neither will anyone else. Brash, boyish sixteen-year-old Sadie thinks she can stop the worst from happening, but as a half-human, she looks far too much like the enemy. So she’s been using her looks to spy on the human monarchy. But spying is a risky business: it, like Dreaming, is punishable by death. Slow death. Still, Sadie thought she was a pro. Until they sent a new human magistrate to the Grove. Evelyn. 

Evelyn might be the most beautiful girl Sadie’s ever seen, and Sadie might be betraying her family by falling in love with the ruthless leader who locks them up. But that’s not even the biggest obstacle between the two: Evelyn is leading the charge against Dreaming, and there’s something she doesn’t know.

Sadie can still Dream. 

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This was one unique book, that’s for sure. Even by the end of the story I was confused but still liked it, but also had no clue how to rate it. But I’ll do my best to sum up this book now.

The main reason I read this book, and continued to read it even after being very confused by it, was the diversity. Because this book has everything, lesbian characters, non-binary characters, polyamours representations and I’m sure I’m forgetting more. It has it all and it’s woven into the story so seamlessly and enjoyably. A lot of stories these days seem to pick one identity or sexuality and just stick to the one in the story, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but I enjoyed having more and wish other books would do this as well.

So I did like Lunav. I liked Sadie, and her family and her world. But I never found myself in love with anything, for one very simple problem. It’s too much. We’re introduced to a huge world with so many different parts, and a new language and family structures and so much more. And it’s all so cool, but it’s also confusing as heck. I got so lost every time I picked up the story again. It made it hard for me to invest in the story, and that made me sad more than anything.

I think that if this book had been split into two that every part of it would have been better. The characters would have been deeper, because even though I liked Sadie I never understood her or really connected with her.  The world would have been more explained and that would have been amazing because there are so many cool parts to it! But I digress.

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, I really wish I could have given it more. Maybe you all will have a better time with the story, and I would still recommend it to people.

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