Celebrating 4 Years Together

I’ve written these kinds of sappy posts before, and I know I will again because I love writing these posts. I love having them for reference of what I was feeling and thinking on a special day.  So I hope you all don’t mind reading this too much!


Grant and I have been friends since middle school, our families knew each other when we were little, and today we’re celebrating 4 years of being a couple.  I say a couple (and not “married”) because Grant and I are having issues with that label these days and honestly the “married” part doesn’t matter the most anyway. It’s the couple part that does. We’re a team, best friends, lovers, and hopefully someday co-parents. We’ve had each other’s backs as Grant goes through school, as I struggle through anxiety and depression. We’ve communicated through opening up our relationship, starting a new relationship together, and coming out as both being bisexual. I could go on and on. 4 years doesn’t seem like that much time and at the same time it feels like eternity.


Today we aren’t doing a big celebration. I’m just making dinner; we’re currently sitting on the couch writing different things, and tonight I’m sure we’ll watch a movie or two. We like quiet nights like this the best, since we’re both so introverted, so honestly I think this is the perfect way to celebrate our 4 year milestone.

Anyway, here is a short letter that I wrote to Grant on this fantastic day.

Dear Grant,

How can I sum up all that I want to say and all that I feel today? You have been my rock, my strength, my reason to keep living for 4 years now and all of that feels a little overwhelming today. My heart is filled with so much love for you.

From waking up beside you, to playing magic with you, to watching movies, playing video games, writing together, eating together, going on walks and all the other things we enjoy doing together; I have loved every part of being with you.

I love making you laugh. I love cooking for you. I love your crazy curly hair.

I love you.

We’ve had our ups and our downs, and I’m sorry for the fighting I’ve initiated. I’m sorry for not always understanding you, not always being there for you in the ways that you need. I’m sorry for failing you. I want to try each year to become a better partner to you.

Even though I now think that we got married too young (we were 19!) I have not regretted one day of being with you.  Here’s to another wonderful year with you!






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