December Wrap Up


My year in books has been quite a ride! I made my goal of 250 books and even went over. Though there were several months in the summer where I was so behind I was afraid I would never make it. Yet here I am. I’ve learned my lesson though! Next year I’m not going to set my goal quite so high. I’m thinking 200 is a nice round number. 😀

Anyway, here are some fun books stats from 2018 before I go into my reading for December. I read a total of 88,498 pages over 286 books. The shortest book I read was 25 pages and the longest was 1,125 (yes it was a Game of Thrones book!)

The most popular book I read this year was Fangirl. How am I not surprised? 😀

My average rating for the year was exactly 3 stars! Which is up from last year! I’m really proud of myself for this. Alright now on to what I read in December. This month I read a total of 21 books, or I will have by the end of today. I’m currently in the middle of a book that I plan to finish today. It was a good month because I was still getting some reading done but I wasn’t pushing myself at all.

1 Star: These books just didn’t vibe with me. I’m really only disappointed with Everything’s Trash But It’s Okay, I expected it to be a much more fun read for me but I ended up quitting it.

2 Stars: These are all books that I DNF, I’m most sad about Speak Easy, Speak Love because it’s a retelling of my favorite Shakespeare play. But such is life, sometimes books just don’t work for someone.

3 Stars: I expected several of these books to be better than 3 stars. I tried again to read Sightwitch, but the story was so slow I just couldn’t finish it.  What If It’s Us was cute, but also really dramatic and that was annoying for me.  Girls Burn Brighter…I still haven’t decided if I will stay with the three star rating, I really really loved reading the book but the ending killed me. Also it felt a bit queer baiting.

4 Stars: Wow did I love all three of these books! The Poppy Wars was so good, so dark and just everything I wanted out of a new fantasy story. Open Earth was really cute and it has a poly rep!  Vegan 100 had a lot of great recipes.

5 Stars: All Joy And No Fun was an amazing read and I highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to decide if they want kids or not. It will really help you. It really helped me.

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