poems for the sound of the sky before thunder – By Topaz Winters


Goodreads Synopsis: poems for the sound of the sky before thunder is a collection that tiptoes the infinitely blurred lines between hurting, hoping, & healing. It speaks of sleepless nights & softened tongues, telling a story dreaming & bone-bright & out of focus in the rain. These poems are only as much for losing as they are for finding, only as much for despair as they are for the light scattered within it, only as much for leaving as they are for finally coming home.

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“& whatever a body is/ i hope hers is never afraid again”

Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Topaz Winters is quickly becoming one of my favorite poets, and her newest collection was an absolute joy to read. I loved it’s focus on healing. There were so many beautiful lines that spoke to me. Two of my favorite poems from this collection were “After You” and “Battlefield”. I think they were some of the strongest poems in the collection and they really touched on topics close to me. Mental illness is almost always best spoken about through poetry and poems for the sound of the sky before thunder weaves through the topic with so much grace.

A few of the poems didn’t seem to flow with the overall collection quite as well as they could have, their imagery felt disjointed from the other poems. But I wouldn’t say that this detracted from my reading experience by very much.

I 100% recommend this collection to you all, and I am very grateful for this chance to read it. You can find more of Topaz’s work on her twitter and website.

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