First Publications of 2019!

I sometimes get self-conscious talking about my publications, or talking about my work at all. I feel like I’m being too prideful or worse that I’m annoying the people that follow me. But at the end of last year I began to realize that a lot of my family and friends had no clue what I was doing these days, which has made me resolve to do better. I’m going to try and post more about what I’m working on, and what I’ve had published. So without further ado, here are the first publications I’ve had this year!

My poem Mother Crone was published on January 15th by Rose Quartz Magazine, I’m a regular contributor for them so you’ll definitely be seeing some more publications by them in the future. You can find the poem here.

My poem New Life was published on January 19th by SALT Ink. I was honored to be apart of their 2nd issue. You can find the poem here.

I also had my first book review published by Heal(er) Magazine. I just joined the staff on this wonderful mag, and I will be having more reviews with them in the year to come. I hope you all check out the rest of what they’re doing, it’s pretty cool! You can find the review here. 

And of course I should mention my patreon. I post all of my publications when they happen on my patreon blog, you can usually have access to those without becoming a supporter. But if you’d like sneak peaks, snippets, and other goodies you can become a supporter for just $1 a month. Check out my patreon here.

Thank you all for reading!


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