Reading Wrap Up – January 2019

Reading Wrap Up (5).jpg

January was an interesting month of reading. I was able to read 23 books, which is a really great number considering that I wasn’t really trying to get to a huge amount of books. This year I’m really trying to focus on reading the best books ever, and finding books that I love. So it was a little disappointing that I ended up quitting quite a few, but I’ve just come to realize that pushing myself through a book isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth my time and it’s just annoying, I don’t like the book anymore if I read it all the way through.  That said though, I did also read some really great books and I found a couple of new favorite authors!

1 Star:

Both Shutter and One of Us Is Lying I quite because they were so cliche and I didn’t like the writing styles. Sadly I did end up quitting Liba Bray’s latest in her Diviners series. While I loved the first book, the rest of them just keep getting needlessly longer and I was just bored with the characters, they feel like they’re going in circles instead of developing.

2 Stars:

I really wanted to like Perfect Ten and American Street, both neither of them ended up vibing with me for various reasons. Impostors started off really strong, but just petered out towards the middle. We Sold Our Souls had a terrible writing style and it bugged me to no end. The Wedding Date just ended up not being my thing, the more I try to read straight romance the more I dislike it.

3 Stars:

I had a lot of hope for Sugar Spells, after loving Lola Dodges first book. And while I don’t think it was a terrible story, it did not live up to the first book at all. The Summer Of Jordi Perez I really enjoyed right up until the end when the drama happened and then I was just pissed. I learned a lot reading Spying on Whales, but it doesn’t have the most interesting writing style. And while The Personality Brokers brought to light some great information, the author doesn’t even try to be unbiased in her commentary on the lives of the two women. I’d really love to read more in the A Girl Called Echo comic series, it looks like it would be really fascinating. And Healing and Wholeness was my first read and review for Heal(er) Magazine.

4 Stars:

I’m really glad that this was my largest category this month, even after quitting so many books this month. I found a great new cookbook, finally got to read Topaz Winters’ latest poetry collection and found out I love Victoria Schwab’s writing style. I’m also going to be on the lookout for more books by Zoje Stage. And I highly recommend Mask of Shadows, as it has a wonderful genderfluid character.

That’s all for this month! Can’t wait to start reading more books in February. What did you read in January? Have you found any new favorite authors? 

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