Sad News For Miss Poppins

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Today I received both a frustrating and helpful reply to a query of mine. The agent I emailed was very kind, but she let me know that I would probably have copyright issues with my story as a retelling of Mary Poppins. And after a quick google I realized she’s right. I had been under the assumption that it had been long enough for Mary Poppins to be in the public domain, however this will not end up happening until 2066 or so. Stories only become public domain 70 years after the author’s death.

So what does this mean for me?

It means that I’m going to stop querying the story and take a complete break from it. There’s no point to querying a story that would only lead me to having to get legal help for retelling it. There’s no way I could afford that, and honestly it seems like it would be bad for my mental health. And at this point I also don’t have it in me emotionally to try and rewrite the story as something completely new. I’ve been working on Miss Poppins for almost 2 years now and to have to rewrite the story so completely…It would be hard for me right now.

This news has been hard for me, I’ve spent all day trying to figure out a way around this but there isn’t a way. So I just have to take some time to evaluate my other novels and come up with an idea of what to do next. Thank you all for reading and supporting me. In times like these it really means a lot.



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