Weekend Cooking – Caesar Salad: A Salt Fat Acid Heat Recipe

enjoy your month, virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads.

Today I’m sharing with you all my experience with Smain Nosrat’s Caesar Salad from her book Salt Fat Acid Heat. I am a huge fan of this book. Not only does it have delicious recipes but it also has tons of cooking tips and information.  I recently got a copy of the book for Christmas.


First off I used her recipe for homemade mayo, which actually turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would. The egg and oil whipped together really easily. From there I went on to use her recipe for the Caesar dressing, which added Parmesan, lemon, salt, garlic, anchovies and a little white vinegar.  I ended up adding just a little bit of sugar and pepper as well. The result was a dressing much better than I anticipated, not because because I didn’t have faith in the recipe, but rather in my abilities to make it. I kept being surprised by how easy everything was to make!


From there I made the chicken. Now the recipe in the book doesn’t call for chicken so I was on my own for this part. I cooked up a piece of chicken breast in my cast iron skillet and seasoned it with salt, pepper and lemon.


I also made some croutons but unfortunately forgot to take a picture of them before I made the salad.


And here is the final product. I used red leaf lettuce, added some more Parmesan on top of everything and served it. This recipe was delicious and so easy to make! Grant really enjoyed the salad and he’s not a huge fan of salads for dinner.


  1. I love salads for dinner too. I guess I’ll be drummed out of the foodie world by admitting this, but I’ve never made my own mayo before. I should give it a try.

  2. Home made mayo is a really neat idea and I used to make it, but the danger of raw egg has turned me off doing it. So I’m just back to Hellman’s again.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Looks delicious! I made homemade mayo a few times, but haven’t in ages. I remember the same thing, though — being surprised at how easy it was! I haven’t really looked through Salt Fat Acid Heat but I’ve seen it at the library. Will check it out! I like looking at cookbooks from the library before deciding whether to buy them!

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