February 2019 Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (6).jpg

And just like that February is over! This month felt more than a little fake to me. More like an extended part of January than it’s own month. All that aside, it’s now time to do a wrap up.  I did not have a very good reading month to be honest. I did manage to get to a few books, but I don’t feel like I read very many that I really enjoyed.  I read a total of 26 books this month, an amount that was only possible because I quit quite a few of them. I have a low tolerance for stories that I’m not interested in, I don’t give them more than 50-70 pages to hook me and if they don’t I’m done.  Anyway, hopefully in March I’ll find more books that I enjoy.

1 Star: Total of 6 books

From retellings to non-fiction, to cutsy YA and a novel about white privilege and toxic masculinity. You would think these books would have been just the thing for me! Sadly they weren’t. I found myself bored, predicting plots and getting annoyed at rich white people. I DNF any of these books.

2 Stars: Total of 7 books

There were a couple of books on here that I was super disappointed with. I loved the first book by Lindsey Miller, but sadly the second book was super boring. Odd One Out was cute but also bi-phobic and polyam baiting. The rest of these books were just meh.

3 Stars: Total of 6 books 

I think my favorite book in this category is For Your Own Good it was a book about child abuse and how it affects all their lives. It was really interesting and very good for me to read.  I had hoped that Fascism would have been a better book, it did have some good insights but also the author was just too old.

4 Stars: Total of 7 books

And here are the best books I read in February. All of these books I recommend and I can’t wait to review them for you all! My review for Sacred and Mysterious will be coming out on March 11th at HEAL(er) Magazine.  Hopefully I’ll have the rest of them out this month as well.

5 Stars: 

Sadly I again read zero five star books. Which is super frustrating! I really want to get my hands on some mind-blowing books. So what are some books that you’ve read recently that are just out of this world? Can be any genre, any length. Let me know in the comments!

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