Weekend Cooking – Chicken Shawarma

enjoy your month, virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I’m sharing a recipe that I tried for the first time ever yesterday.  I found this recipe for Chicken Shawarma, and decided it sounded too good not to try.  I remember the first time I ever had Shawarma was in Ecuador, myself and the others I was with were waiting for another group of people to arrive and we got dinner at a little hole in the wall. It was really good food! I had actually forgotten about that memory until I started writing this post.

So I marinated the chicken for about an hour, the recipe said I could do it for a half hour or more, and I had just enough time for a good hour.  In the meantime I decided to make a batch of hummus, it’s Grant’s favorite and its so much fun to make. I didn’t use a specific recipe for this because I’ve made it so often I just go with what tastes right.


I decided to bake the chicken, it was just the easiest for me though not technically how the Shawarma is supposed to be made. But I have a tiny kitchen and no grill so the oven it was! I also cut up some tomatoes, garlic and lemons and baked them with some salt and pepper.

Everything turned out really tasty! It was a definite hit for my family and I’ll be making it again. Next time I’d also like to try and make my own Pita bread.



  1. One of my favorite dinners! Yummmmmm. You *have* to have hummus with this. I think I might have to make this soon.

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