April 2019 Reading Wrap-Up


Reading Wrap Up (9).jpg

For me April went by both very fast, and yet somehow slower than the previous months. Maybe as we get through spring and into the summer the months will slow down. I sure hope so! This month I read a total of 25 books, which brings my year total up to 89. I think overall I had a really great reading month, and the books are fairly evenly distributed over the ratings.

1 Star: 4 books. 

I did not finish any of these books. I wasn’t surprised to not finish some of them, but I had been hoping to like The Mars Room. 

2 Stars: 5 books. 

While these books all had interesting premises, none of them kept my interest up long term. Crazy Rich Asians had too many POVS, and How To Walk Away was annoying and cliche.

3 Stars: 9 books. 

These books were all good. None of them were really great. But I still enjoyed reading them. I’m glad I finally finished The Curses. And I love listening my way through Ursula K. LeGuin’s books, her worlds are fascinating!

3.5 Stars: 1 book.

I finished this book just today with my girlfriend. We sat in her car after shopping just to listen to the end of it.

153779 (1)

4 Stars: 4 books.

These books were all amazing and I can’t wait to share my reviews with you all! The cookbook review will probably come out the soonest.

5 Stars: 2 books.

I love it when I have more than one book in this category. Both of these books are stunning, moving and just…ugh amazing. I want to reread them already!

What did you read this month? Did April seem just a tad slower to you? Don’t forget to share your reading wrap-up post with me, I’d love to see what everyone is reading!

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