Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) – By L. C. Rosen


Goodreads Synopsis: My first time getting it in the butt was kind of weird. I think it’s going to be weird for everyone’s first time, though.

Meet Jack Rothman. He’s seventeen and loves partying, makeup and boys – sometimes all at the same time. His sex life makes him the hot topic for the high school gossip machine. But who cares? Like Jack always says, ‘it could be worse’.

He doesn’t actually expect that to come true.

But after Jack starts writing an online sex advice column, the mysterious love letters he’s been getting take a turn for the creepy. Jack’s secret admirer knows everything: where he’s hanging out, who he’s sleeping with, who his mum is dating. They claim they love Jack, but not his unashamedly queer lifestyle. They need him to curb his sexuality, or they’ll force him.

As the pressure mounts, Jack must unmask his stalker before their obsession becomes genuinely dangerous…

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I might have read some reviews about this book before picking it up, but by the time I actually found it in my library I had forgotten all about them and was simple in love with everything about the book. First off the cover, is fantastic. Everything about this book is unapologetically gay and I love it.  The second thing that drew me to this book was how sex positive it seemed like it would be, because we definitely need more of that for queer teens.

Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) hooked me from the beginning. Jack is a great narrator and main character, I love how out and proud he is about everything from being gay to having a healthy sex life. As the story goes on I found myself liking the other characters too. Jenna who is supportive and badass, and Ben who is also gay and wants to be a fashion designer. I loved the dynamics between the three friends. Wholesome friendships are my jam.

I also loved Jack’s advice column. He had such a great way of explaining and answering his fellow students questions. And yes, this book is explicit about sex when he writes for the column, but everything is present factually and it’s really more for information that anything else.  The actual sex scenes in the book are much less graphic. The emphasis is on safe sex and consent. Which is awesome!

The writing for this story is also really good. The plotline about Jack’s stalker actually gave me the creeps at several points. I had to keep turning the pages because I needed to know that Jack would be okay in the end. It really speaks to Rosen’s writing ability and I am excited to see if he writes more YA in the future.

All in all, I loved this book. It’s one I intend to own someday and I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

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