Weekend Cooking – Bagel Bake From Cravings: Hungry For More

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I decided to try a new breakfast recipe. Recently I read Crissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings: Hungry For More and really enjoyed it. So I decided to give her bagel bake recipe a try. First though I should say that I wasn’t able to follow it exactly because I was just grabbing leftovers from my fridge. I used onion bagels instead of everything bagels, I didn’t have Parmesan or Gruyere cheese, I just used cheddar. Also I didn’t have sausage and so I just used bacon. And I cut the recipe in half, or at least tried too.


I really enjoyed this cookbook and it’s actually one that I am thinking about owning someday. I’ll be sure to do a review for it later. Here’s the recipe I used today.

As you can see I substituted onions for leeks, I decided to do this because I was already using onion bagels and because I had a leek that needed to be cooked. I cut the recipe in half, using four eggs instead of 8. I loved the use of cayenne in the eggs.


When I put it all together I was really afraid I didn’t have enough eggs, but I didn’t have anymore eggs to use so I just had to go with it. Personally I think next time I would put the bagels on the bottom and build everything on top of them. But this was fine for the first time.

Here’s the finished result. As you can see I did end up having enough eggs, it turned out really beautiful. Next time I would probably add more cream cheese because I love it. And I would love to try this recipe when I have the rest of the suggested cheeses. Grant really liked this, and I did too. Overall I would say it was a success!


  1. Oh man — this looks awesome. I love bread pudding as a dessert, and this sounds like it’s a kind of savory breakfast version.

  2. I love when people adapt recipes to what’s on hand and share how it worked out. This looks wonderful. And that comment that bagels aren’t available in Australia! OMG! (LOL)

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