Terrier – By Tamora Pierce

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Goodreads Synopsis: Beka Cooper is a rookie with the law-enforcing Provost’s Guard, commonly known as “the Provost’s Dogs,” in Corus, the capital city of Tortall. To the surprise of both the veteran “Dogs” and her fellow “puppies,” Beka requests duty in the Lower City. The Lower City is a tough beat. But it’s also where Beka was born, and she’s comfortable there.

Beka gets her wish. She’s assigned to work with Mattes and Clary, famed veterans among the Provost’s Dogs. They’re tough, they’re capable, and they’re none too happy about the indignity of being saddled with a puppy for the first time in years. What they don’t know is that Beka has something unique to offer. Never much of a talker, Beka is a good listener. So good, in fact, that she hears things that Mattes and Clary never could – information that is passed in murmurs when flocks of pigeons gather … murmurs that are the words of the dead.

In this way, Beka learns of someone in the Lower City who has overturned the power structure of the underworld and is terrorizing its citizens into submission and silence. Beka’s magical listening talent is the only way for the Provost’s Dogs to find out the identity of this brutal new underlord, for the dead are beyond fear. And the ranks of the dead will be growing if the Dogs can’t stop a crime wave the likes of which has never been seen. Luckily for the people of the Lower City, the new puppy is a true terrier! 

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This is the next series that my girlfriend and I listened to together, we’ve slowly been going through all of Pierce’s books.

Terrier is definitely a different story from the previous Pierce books I’ve read, but in a good way.  Our main character, Beka is a little older at the start of the series than other characters have been.  Which I liked, the change was good.  I also liked her magical ability to speak to the dead, it was quite interesting.

At first I didn’t really like the way the story was told, I’m not a huge fan of the diary 1st person style. But I eventually got used to it and it works well for this story. It gives you little insights into Beka’s character. It was interesting to learn all the different words that are used in this book, it really built up the world. All of the creative name calling was my girlfriend’s favorite. We laughed a lot at them.

There are a lot of great characters in the story, Tunstall and Goodwin are of course my favorites. I loved their interactions with Beka as they solved the mystery.  I liked the way they trained her and also respected her.

In the end I gave this book 4 stars and I immediately started the second book.


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