Weekend Cooking – Homemade Granola!

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I’m sharing my experiment with homemade granola. My partner Grant eats a lot of cereal in the mornings before he starts his day, and lately we’ve been buying a lot of granola from WinCo. So I decided to make some myself.  I have a lot of memories of making granola with my mom so I drew inspiration from her recipe and here is the result!

I had a lot of random bits of leftover cereal that I wanted to use up, some cheerios and cornflakes, so I threw those together with almonds, oats, honey and butter and some cinnamon sugar. I melted the butter and added the honey to it, and added them last to help the granola stick together.


Here’s what it looked like right before I popped it into the oven.  I baked it for about 10-15 minutes at 350 in my oven, which my oven tends to run a little cooler than most. The recipe was a great success, I’ve been eating it even though I don’t eat much cereal and both my partners have been devouring it. I think I’ll be making more in the future.

What did you cook this week? Don’t forget to share you Weekend Cooking post with me in the comments. 🙂 


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