Planet of Exile – By Ursula K. LeGuin


Goodreads Synopsis: The Earth colony of Landin has been stranded on Werel for ten years–& ten of Werel’s years are over 600 terrestrial years. The lonely & dwindling human settlement is beginning to feel the strain. Every winter–a season that lasts for 15 years–the Earthmen have neighbors: the humanoid hilfs, a nomadic people who only settle down for the cruel cold spell. The hilfs fear the Earthmen, whom they think of as witches & call the farborns. But hilfs & farborns have common enemies: the hordes of ravaging barbarians called gaals & eerie preying snow ghouls. Will they join forces or be annihilated?

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Continuing with my reading of Le Guin’s Hannish Cycle series, I was able to listen to this book in April.

While not as good as the first book in this series, I still greatly enjoyed Planet of Exile. I love both Le Guin’s writing style and the worlds she creates. I love the blending of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The different planets, the people, the traditions and creatures. It’s all so cool and so fascinating.

I wasn’t drawn in by the characters as much in this story. Agat was never my favorite character, I just never felt that he had a strong personality.  Still his story with Rolery kept me interested the entire time. I wanted to know what would happen to them and the other people.

In the end I gave the book 3 stars on Goodreads. I’m excited to read more of this series.

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