Weekend Cooking – Dutch Baby Pancake & Sheepherder’s Breakfast

Weekend Cooking is a blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I’m sharing some more breakfast adventures I’ve had recently. I know I did a post about dutch baby pancakes before but I personally think this batch turned out better. Anyway, I also tried a recipe I found on pinterest called Sheepherder’s Breakfast. You can find the recipe here.

First I cooked up some onions and the last of my sausage, sadly I didn’t have much of it but it was still enough to flavor the hashbrowns just a little bit. Hashbrowns are my favorite way to eat potatoes these days.

I’ve been experimenting with how much butter to melt in my pan for the dutch babies. I think I’ve settled on 2 tablespoons at this point.

Here are the final pics of the breakfast. I really liked the hashbrown/egg mixture. Though I need to work on perfecting my overeasy eggs.


  1. This looks so good. My ancestry is mostly German, and my family makes very similar sorts of wholesome potato/onion/sausage meals. Yum.

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