Top Ten Tuesday – Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is Unpopular book opinions, which you know I was excited for because I have all the opinions on books. šŸ˜€ Though oddly I did have to rack my brain towards the end of the list, I guess I don’t hate everything. šŸ˜‰ Here are mine in no particular order, hope you enjoy even if we disagree.

1. Too Many POVS in YA These days.

You all know this, I’ve said this a hundred times. Multiple POVs are the worst! I hate them 99% of the time. In order for me not to hate them the book has to stick to 4 or less povs and switch them consistently.

2. John Green is not a great writer.

I’ve tried many, many of Green’s books. And only one of them was decent. His writing is over the top and his characters dramatic and sexist.

3. Barnes & Noble is a bad place to shop for books.

Sure, yes I’m a normal book lover, I love looking at books in Barnes and Noble. But its a shit place to shop because the books are far far too spendy. Best places to get a book is at a thrift/local bookstore.

4. People need to stop hating on classics.

Yes I get it, academics are snobs about books. And yes, modern books should be appreciated more. But just because I like classics doesn’t mean I’m a snob! We don’t need to take sides on this issue, we just need to let people like the books they like.

5. The Throne of Glass Series was utter garbage.

I read the series for a friend and I honestly regret being talked into it. Reading those books was a waste of my time and I hate almost everything about them.

6. Also the Caraval series was utter garbage.

From predictable plotlines to bad writing to abusive pieces of male shit. Ugh that book pushed all my buttons and I just hated it.

7. I generally dislike hardback covers.

This opinion will surely send me to book reader hell. šŸ˜€ But seriously hardback covers are the worst. They’re bulky and heavy and just…I don’t know. I just don’t like the feel of them. Paperbacks all the way!

8. Books to movies or TV shows is not my favorite…

Not every book needs to be on screen! While the idea is cool, very few adaptations live up to the book and are usually not worth watching.

9. Bookstagram is overrated.

While I love pretty book pictures as much as the next book lover, and even take them occasionally. Soooo many bookstragrammers have the exact same look. They’re all reading the same books, all taking the same pictures and it’s just overrated.

10. 5 star ratings should be use sparingly.

I’m not going to tell anyone how to rate their books, but what I do wish people would extend the same courtesy to me. I know I rate books harshly but I think that’s a good thing! And it’s not a bad thing that I don’t give out 5 stars willy nilly.

What are your unpopular opinions? Don’t forget to leave a link to your post so I can read it!


  1. … there are books with more than four POVs? I think that would make my head explode! The only author I really like that jumps POV like that is Terry Pratchett’s work, and I don’t mind that as much because of the way it’s done and because of the narrator. I think five POVs would just make my head explode.

    I agree about B&N. I loved going there and walking through the shelves (loved, because there’s none near my anymore, as they all shut down), but they’re sooo pricey when compared to other retailers. Heck, even Walmart tends to be cheaper lol.

    I agree with you about hardcovers. They LOOK really nice, but they’re a pain in my butt to try and read.

    Here’s my TTT post.

  2. I totally agree with you about the classics, adaptations, and Caraval. I’ve only read the first book in the trilogy, but I really don’t get the hype, and it might be the harshest review I’ve ever written :/

  3. My thoughts exactly, Sammie!

    This whole post was great. 5 star ratings should definitely be used sparingly if they’re going to mean anything at all.

    My TTT.

  4. I actually agree with you on several of these, especially Bookstagram. Also, from people participating in these, I’m finding lots of people hated the Throne of Glass Series!

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