Weekend Cooking – Five Kitchen Items I’d Love To Have

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I’m talking about something a little different than normal. Next month my partner and I are moving, next month also happens to be my birthday month so I’ve been thinking about gifts and ideas for my new kitchen.  So here are five items that I would love to eventually own.

1. Kitchen Compost Bin.

While my inlaws do have a nice compost set up, I would like to have some place to put all my kitchen scraps that’s not my freezer. I could be keeping so much more in the freezer if I had something simple like this.


2. Reusable bowl covers. 

I hate using plastic wrap. It’s annoying to put on, it’s annoying to get out of the box and it never ever seems to actually stay.  I’m really hoping I get something like these for my birthday, or maybe even the beeswax ones.


3. Reusable produce bags.

Speaking of reusable, I have been dying to get my hands on some of these. They aren’t that spendy so if I don’t get them for my birthday I’m definitely buying them once Grant’s new job starts. I was also thinking of sewing some, but I haven’t been able to get my girlfriend’s sewing machine fixed yet.


4. Witchy Apron.

This is something just a little more fun and not something as practical, though honestly I really should start to wear more aprons when I cook! 😀  Anyway, this is a black apron with the pagan wheel of the year on it. It looks super cute.

5. Raclette.

Again this is more fun, not a necessity for my kitchen. BUT. I had some raclette cheese years and years in middle school for a cool summer course about France. I LOVED it and ever since then have been dying to recreate the experience. Something like this would be a super fun birthday gift. 


What are you cooking this week? What are some fun kitchen items that you’d love to have? I couldn’t get an image for the 4th idea because amazon was being weird. Anyway, all the images are from amazon and are not originally mine.



  1. Cool post! Those bags look great. We try to limit our use of plastic — esp. one-use plastic, so those bags would fit our goals. The bowl covers would come in handy too.

  2. Another good reusable bowl or pot cover is Charles Viancin Lilypad Lid which is available at amazon.com and most housewares departments. They are available in several sizes, and various designs besides lily pad. They are also extremely useful for microwave covers.

    Good luck with getting what you want in the way of presents!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. I have the produce bags and compost bin in my Amazon cart right now! I bought some of those bowl covers a few years ago but rarely use them.

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