Spin The Dawn – By Elizabeth Lim


Goodreads Synopsis: Maia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she can hope for is to marry well. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a tailor of renown, to court, Maia poses as a boy and takes his place. She knows her life is forfeit if her secret is discovered, but she’ll take that risk to achieve her dream and save her family from ruin. There’s just one catch: Maia is one of twelve tailors vying for the job.

Backstabbing and lies run rampant as the tailors compete in challenges to prove their artistry and skill. Maia’s task is further complicated when she draws the attention of the court magician, Edan, whose piercing eyes seem to see straight through her disguise.

And nothing could have prepared her for the final challenge: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor’s reluctant bride-to-be, from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars. With this impossible task before her, she embarks on a journey to the far reaches of the kingdom, seeking the sun, the moon, and the stars, and finding more than she ever could have imagined.

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I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book from NetGalley, the cover was just so stunning I had to give it a chance.

Going into Spin The Dawn I was mostly excited for the world. The synopsis sounded okay, but it didn’t sound like anything super new. Still I had hope. Sadly this book did not live up to my hopes.

The story starts off with the main character from sometime in the future, professing her love for some boy that she would do anything for. And right from that I knew that this was not going to be the book for me.  That sort of a beginning does not hook me, in fact it pretty much does the opposite. Now if the romance had been LGBT in some way, I would have given it more of a chance.

Anyway, from the there book pretty much just continued to be boring and cliche for me. I never got attached to the main character because she felt like a lot of previous YA but not in a good way. She was a mesh of others and had nothing going for just herself. I wanted so much more development but it just didn’t happen. I didn’t feel pulled in by the world because it didn’t feel developed enough. I had so many questions about it! On top of that all the plot was pretty predictable.

I made it about 20% into the book before I quit. In the end I gave this book 1 star on Goodreads.



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