July Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (12).jpg

July was a slow reading month, but it wasn’t a bad reading month. I got a total of 17 books finished, and I really got a chance to enjoy the books I did read. I’m excited to go into this new month!

1 Star: I was disappointed especially with The Red Labyrinth. It had such a cool idea but did not live up to it at all.

2 Stars: I was able to read a lot of my ARC’s this month, unfortunately they weren’t the books for me. I enjoyed parts but ultimately decided on a 2 star rating.

3 Stars: Of all these books I really liked Tides and Amal Unbound. I would love to own these books someday for my kids to be able to read.

4 Stars: These books are all amazing! I need to buy the Kombucha book for the recipes. I also got to learn a lot about Mr. Rogers from the biography.

5 Stars: The Telling is now one of my favorite Le Guin books. The main character is a lesbian which was really nice. But also the world was super interesting, I can’t wait to write a review of it!

92603 (1).jpg

What did you read this month? 

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