August Goals

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August is going to be a little bit of a hectic month for me. Currently I’m in the middle of moving to a new apartment. With all that’s going on it’s amazing how many things I’m forgetting to do or don’t have the energy for.  Still I’m endlessly grateful to be able to move to a bigger space that will cost less!

Today was the first day that I was able to sit down and write again! I loved getting to try out the new space. It’s lighter and brighter here, which feels so good.  There are boxes everywhere and currently the cat is just trying to explore the apartment.  It’s feels like such a good beginning.

Today I was able to go through submittable and do some submitting. I sent out some flash fiction and found some other places that I want to submit to and started to do some writing.

Today I WROTE.

This month I want to keep track of when I actually write. I’ve been burnt out and depressed, my brain keeps telling me that I’m NOT WRITING.  But this month I’m challenging that thought.

What are you doing this month? 

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