Trail of Crumbs – By Lisa J. Lawrence

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Goodreads Synopsis: After moving into a dank and drafty basement suite in West Edmonton with her truck- driving father, nasty stepmother and taciturn twin brother, Ash, seventeen-year-old Greta doesn’t have high expectations for her last year of high school. When she blacks out at a party and is told the next day that she’s had sex, she thinks things can’t get any worse. She’s wrong.

While Greta deals with the confusion and shame of that night, her stepmother and father choose that moment to disappear, abandoning Ash and Greta to the mercy of their peculiar landlord, Elgin, who lives upstairs. Even as Greta struggles to make sense of what happened to her, she finds herself enjoying her new and very eccentric family, who provide the shelter and support that has long been absent from her life. Much to Greta’s surprise, she realizes there is still kindness in the world–and hope.

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Trail of Crumbs was one of those books that I didn’t realize was a retelling until I looked at other review for it. Now I like retellings but also they need to be well done and this book wasn’t for me. To be fair Hansel and Gretel has been done a lot so I’m sure it would be hard to retell it.

Now while I found the siblings to be interesting, the plot was really lacking.  It didn’t make sense to me why the stepmom hate the siblings so much. She had so little character it was frustrating. It also didn’t make sense how she was able to convince her husband to just abandon his children.

In the meantime the plot was also having flash backs to an event in Greta’s life. It eventually was becoming clear that she had been raped, but I didn’t actually read that part of the story. I had no interest in knowing the details of her assault and I feel like this plot line was unnecessary to the rest of the story.

All in all I just didn’t connect enough with the story and ending up quitting the book. I gave it two stars on Goodreads. I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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