Weekend Cooking – 4 Ways To Use An Abundance of Summer Squash

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I’m sharing the different ways I’ve been trying to use up yellow squash.  My garden is overflowing with squash this year! Which has been fun, but who knows I might get tired of it eventually. 😀


Right now I’ve been experimenting with salads and bowls. Since moving in with our girlfriend I’ve been finding she has all sorts of fun rices and grains that I haven’t had a chance to experiment with. The above salad was a several grain wild rice, I really loved the way it tasted. I’m all about nutty rices. To the salad I added some lettuce from my garden, some cherry tomatoes (also from my garden) and then I also cooked up some mushrooms and yellow squash in butter and added them.

This meal was made a couple days ago. Emily was craving hot dogs and this was the best I could do last minute. 😀 It’s actually a favorite meal in our house and super easy to make. I cut up the sausage and add whatever veggies need to be used up, throw on some spices and throw it in the oven.


This has been my favorite recipe for squash so far. Over the last week I’ve been reading a book about fermentation (review to come!) and it’s gotten me super excited about all the things I can make. This was a relish with sweet onions, a very little bit of some spicy yellow peppers and some celery seed and black pepper.  It’s really good and I’ve been putting it on almost all my dinners. My partners have yet to be convinced about fermented foods but I’ll win them over eventually! 😉


This has been my partners favorite of my squash experiments of course. Sliced squash breaded with panko and Parmesan.  Good for a healthy treat!

What do you make with summer squash? I’m sure I’ll be doing another post about it so I’d love to give your recipes a try. 


  1. I love the challenge of using up all the summer squash! I like the idea of grain bowls, with or without the meats. I’ve been using the spiralizer too. Oh and baking … who can resist a good zucchini or squash bread?

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