August Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (13).jpg

I was able to read more books in August after I moved to our new apartment. I sort of went on a library spree and got all the books. 😀 So I had a lot of fun and switched between a lot of genres. My total for the month was 27 and total for the year is now up to 178.

1 Star: 4 books

Usually when my total books is this high I have much more one star books, so I feel like I did pretty good this month only having four! I am the most disappointed with Wildcard, I was really hoping it would be a great sequel.

2 Stars: 4 books

I had been hoping that Family Pride would have been full of more helpful advise, but maybe I didn’t give it long enough? Mostly it was just statistics on how queer families are more likely to have difficulty and queer families talking about why they’re weren’t out in the community. It was stuff I already knew and it was also really freaking depressing to read.

3 Stars: 10 books

I really enjoyed all the parenting books I was able to read this month. I honestly just went to the non-fiction section and just grabbed every book I could see. And I can’t wait to go back and get the rest! 😀 My girlfriend and I also finally finished the first book in the Alana series. And I was able to read the next in The Wicked + The Divine!

4 Stars: 7 books

I’ve been trying to work on my Spanish this month, so I’ve been trying to pick up little kid books now and again to read. The nice thing about the two I read this month is that they’re in English and Spanish, and I think I want to own them someday for my kiddos. All the books in this category were amazing and I highly recommend them!

5 Stars: 2 books

These two are books I 100% need to own. I loved all of the recipes in Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen and Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History taught me so much!

What did you read this month? Don’t forget to share your wrap up post with me!


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