September Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (14).jpg

And thus we come to the end of September! What a good reading month this has been, and I’ve finally made my Goodreads Reading goal for the year! 202 books for the year and 26 books for this month! Hope you all enjoy the post and had just as much fun reading.

1 Star: The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick, Never-Contented Things & The Witch Elm. 

It’s always nice when there are so few books in my 1 star category. The only sad thing is two of these books were NetGalley reads. 😦

2 Stars: 4 books.

Another bummer on the horror reads adventure. I guess I’m not as much as a whimp as I used to be? Because Dracul was not scary at all.  I am sad about A Princess in Theory, it’s not a bad book it was just too slow for me. And If It Makes You Happy was also soooo sllllooowwww.

3 Stars: 13 books.

My favorite books in this category would definitely be Home, The Hunger and To Kill a Kingdom. I’m excited to post reviews for those! Hopefully soon. Some of these books weren’t quite as good as I had been hoping. The Uninhabitable Earth was a little on the long side. How to Love A Woman was a little too rambly. And Come as You Are was very obviously for straight people.

4 Stars: Simple, Herding Casts & Joan of Arc.

I loved both Simple and Herding Cats. Sarah Andersen is such a funny comic. As for Joan of Arc, I’m still not quite sure what my rating for it is. I have at it four stars for now but it might change when I actually get my thoughts into a review.

5 Stars: The Day You Begin, Bob and The Dispossessed.

Yes that’s right, I’ve finally finished the Hainish series! At least all the novels in it, I think I might still have a few short stories but that’s it. I’m sad it’s coming to an end.  I also really loved Bob. It was such a cute book!  The Day You Begin is as well, and I hope to own both of them someday soon.

What was your reading month like? 

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