October Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (15).jpg

Wow! What the heck? How is it already the end of October? This was a good month of reading for me, despite being in school and having midterms. I almost read 30 books this month.

1 Star: Total of 6 books. 

Of all the books in this category the two I was most disappointed with was The Cruel Prince and I Am Legend.  The first because I was expecting the main character to be gay, but she wasn’t and the story was just not hooking me.  I Am Legend was also boring and not creepy at all!

2 Stars: Total of three books. 

All three of these books had good premises, but all veered off at some point. Sometimes I Lie was confusing and cliche. The Cabin At The End of the World also started off really well, but it started to get repetitive about halfway through.  The Great Alone had a lot of really great parts, but the writing style was not my favorite, it was too long and the ending was ridiculous.

3 Stars: Total of 8 books. 

All of these books were okay, I enjoyed the cookbook for toddler food. I got lots of ideas for food. I also liked The Green Witch book.  Surprisingly Felicia Day’s book was not my favorite, but she’s pretty funny.

4 Stars: Total of 4 books. 

Would definitely recommend all of these books. I’ve already made one of the recipes from The Forest Feast and have gotten some great gardening tips from Growing Winter Food. Next year I’ll definitely try to have more of a winter garden.

5 Stars: Total of 8 books.

I don’t know if I have ever had 8 books in my five star category. This was an amazing reading month. Two great cookbooks, four kid’s lit books I need to own, an amazing memoir and a book that’s helping me change the way I eat and buy products. Can’t wait to review them all!

How was your reading month? Don’t forget to share your wrap up post with me.

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