Goodreads Choice Awards 2019 – First Thoughts

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With the first round of 2019’s Goodreads Choice Awards at it’s end, and the second round starting in just 10 hours, I figured that now was a good time for me to do a blog post for it.

So far I’ve been able to read five nominee books, so far my favorites have been The Farm and The Dragon Republic. I was pretty worried about Kuang’s sequel, just because sequel syndrome always seems to be a problem for me. But such was happily not the case for this book!   And The Farm was a rollercoaster of feelings for me.

Other thoughts include a thankfulness that Stephen King only has one book up for nomination. He’s had one each year and has always seemed to win, which makes me feel like he shouldn’t be included anymore. Like I get it, he’s the king of horror. But also, he’s won a lot and I think it’s time that we let other people have a fighting chance at the award.

This is the first year that I’m unsure of what graphic novel to vote for, since sadly the writers of Saga have taken a break for a bit. 😦   Still I’m sure I’ll be able to find something.

I’m pretty sure my library hates me because of all the books I’ve put on hold in the last week. 😀

So yeah! The first round has been pretty fun, and I’m excited to continue reading my way through the lists.  The next books I plan on reading are:

What are you reading this week? Are you participating in the Goodreads Choice Awards? 


  1. My problem with this is that we don’t know how they decide which books get on the list. I mean, wouldn’t it be better if they went to people who actually review books in each of the genres and asked them which of the books they would nominate? And it always seems like the indie published authors get the short shrift with these. I’ll vote, but I’m not happy.

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