November Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (16).jpg

November is gone and it’s that time of month again. Reading wrap up! I was surprised at how many books I was able to read this month, and the how many five stars books I managed to read, also how many one stars.  Either I disliked the books or loved them apparently. Hope you enjoy reading this!

1 Star: 8 books total. 

I did not like most of the parenting books I read this month, and these three books were probably the weirdest worst books I’ve read since I started reading parenting books over a year ago. The book I was most disappointed was Zusak’s newest novel, which I could not get into at all.

2 Stars: Four books total.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told was just not for me, I really disliked how it was written. I would have loved to see them talking together in a video, but reading it was just annoying as all get out.  I was also disappointed with Wild Creative, I had really wanted it to speak to me but it just didn’t.

3 Stars: 10 books total. 

I definitly read some interesting things in this category. I loved the book on gin, Blood Water Paint was one of the better poetry fiction novels I’ve read, and War Girls had such a well written world. The Bride Test was not as good as Hoang’s first book, but still pretty cute. I was also not super impressed with Wayward Son, which was unfortunate.

4 Stars: 6 books total.

I was excited to see how many books were in this category this month. I read a lot of good books! Ayesha At Last is my favorite Pride and Prejudice retelling ever. The Dragon Republic did NOT suffer from sequel syndrome, and Trauma-Proofing Your Kids is a book I need to own someday.


5 Stars: Five books total! 

Ahh, I love seeing how many books are in this category. All of these books are amazing. I can’t wait to review them for you all!

What did you read this month? If you write a wrap-up post don’t forget to share it with me! 


  1. This was a great post. I’m very slowing reading Becoming and loving every minute of it.

    Out of curiosity, did you know your Top Ten Tuesday post didn’t go live this week? Or at least I couldn’t get the link to it to work.

    I’ll leave a link to my TTT here for now.

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