The Dreaded Falling Behind – NaNoWriMo Day 22

This was originally posted on my Patreon, I post all my writing and sneak peaks on that website first. In the original post I included a snippet, but those are only available for supporting patrons. If you’d like to get access to these posts please consider supporting me, the first tier starts at just $1.  Thanks you!

Despite being so excited and feeling like I could get ahead just days earlier, I’ve actually fallen behind.  😦   Currently I’m at 33,716 words and I should be at 36,674. So I’m not actually as far behind as I was yesterday, but still I should be writing 3k today.  And right now I’m having the hardest time. In fact I’m doing everything but writing because I just can’t seem to come up with an idea for the next few chapters.

As I’m writing this I am actually putting together pieces of the next chapter. In the story it’s winter and Emma and her companions just went through a birth, a snow storm and now an attack by zombies (not all in the same chapter). Like usual I am pretty much thinking up each chapter as I sit down to write it, it’s times like these that I envy people who can write plots and stick to them.

Next time I post I hope to be caught back up, and have another snippet for you all! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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